Akademikerförbundet SSR

Members of Akademikerförbundet SSR can be found in a wide variety of professions including accountancy, administration, human resources, social work, IT and consultancy. Many members are executives or run their own companies.

Requirements for membership

If you have accumulated at least 120 ECTS credits (equivalent to two years' full-time study) in a social or behavioural science, either in Sweden or abroad, or if you are studying on such a course, you are welcome to join Akademikerförbundet SSR.

Membership fees

You can find details of our membership fees on our website, www.akademssr.se.


  • SSR Direkt: +46 (0) 8 617 44 00
    If you have a legal question relating to your working life you can contact our specialists at SSR Direkt. You can also send questions by email to ssrdirekt@akademssr.se
  • Executive Service - +46 (0) 8 617 44 99
    You can also contact our executive service via email: chefservice@akademssr.se
  • Self-employed Service - +46 (0) 8 617 44 00
    You can also contact our service for self-employed members via email: ssrdirekt@akademssr.se
  • Questions related to membership and fees - +46 (0) 8 617 44 70

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