Swedish Association of Occupational Therapists – FSA

Swedish Association of Occupational Therapists (Förbundet Sveriges Arbetsterapeuter – FSA) is an independent, non-political and non-denominational association of occupational therapists.

FSA, which is both a professional organisation and a trade union, handles professional and training issues, monitors pertinent political developments, salaries, collective agreements, and matters related to professional development and the formation of public opinion.

FSA had about 10,500 members, of whom almost 1,000 were student Occupational Therapists, and only 4 per cent were male, meaning there is a strong female overrepresentation. The strength of FSA is grounded on professional fellowship and the representation of its members. More than 90 per cent of Sweden's occupational therapists are members of the Association - perhaps because the strength of FSA is based upon professional fellowship and the competent representation of its members.

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