Swedish Association of Physiotherapists

The Swedish Association of Physiotherapists (Fysioterapeuterna) is the union and professional association for Swedish physiotherapists. Fysioterapeuterna is not affiliated to any political party.

Fysioterapeuterna was founded in 1943 and currently has 12,500 members – the majority of Sweden's practising physiotherapists.


To make physiotherapists a more visible and valued professional group in society. This means that we work to consolidate and improve the position of physiotherapists within the public healthcare system, the private healthcare sector and in the higher education system. We also work to ensure that physiotherapists are used in new contexts, for instance in public health, school healthcare and in the insurance industry.

Membership requirements:

To be accepted as a member you must be a qualified physiotherapist and be licensed by the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare. Those studying on courses that lead to a qualification as a physiotherapist can become student members.

What physiotherapists do:

Physiotherapists are experts on movement and have an independent responsibility to prevent, investigate and treat disabilities and to evaluate the effects of treatment. They also develop methodology and quality assurance.

Physiotherapists take a holistic view of patients' health, personal situations, personalities and individual circumstances in order to recommend the right preventive or rehabilitative measures.

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