Corona epidemic – Q&A on work related matters

We have gathered some FAQ on work-related matters during the Corona epidemic. Please contact your union if you have further questions.

Published: Wednesday 1 Apr 2020

Last updated: Monday 6 Apr 2020

I want to help prevent the spread of the virus and would therefore like to work from home. Am I entitled to full pay?
The authorities recommend everyone who can work from home to do so. There is no legal right to work from home, so you will need the approval of your employer in order to ensure full pay.

School is closed and I have to be homewith the kids. Can I benefit from care of a sick child (VAB)?
No, not unless your child is ill. Your options are to work from home, take vacation days or use your parental leave.

I have a cold and can't work from home. What should I do?
Take sick leave. The salary deduction for the first day of sick leave has been removed. The Government will temporarily cover the full cost of sick pay. Thus, your employer still must make a deduction and you have to apply for sick pay at Försäkringskassan. You can stay home from work up to 21 days without a doctor’s certificate. Find out more at Försäkringskassan.

I don’t have any symptoms but suspect that I may have been infected by Corona. 
You may be entitled to disease carrier allowance if staying at home would lead to loss of work income during that time.

I belong to a risk group and do not want to risk being infected by going to work. It is not possible for me to work from home, do I still have the right to stay at home?
No, you have no legal right to stay at home. However, employers are obliged to continuously investigate and reduce the risks of spreading the virus in the workplace. This includes dealing with employees' concerns about being infected.

My employer will soon have to dismiss staff since we do not have enough to do. What should I consider?
It is essential that you contact your labour union before making any agreements with your employer. The Government has decided to introduce the possibility of so-called short-term work (korttidsarbete). Find out what short-term work agreements there are in your local collective agreement. If the company goes bankrupt, you may be entitled to a state wage guarantee.

I am not a member of the unemployment insurance (A-kassan). What happens if I become unemployed?
You may be entitled to a certain basic allowance, but this is very low. Be sure to join A-kassan as well as a union in order to receive both unemployment benefit and income insurance.

During 2020, there are temporary rules for a-kassan. Already after three months of membership you can receive benefits up to 80 percent of your monthly pay. The work requirement has been reduced to 60 hours per calender month and the pay ceiling on the compensation has been increased to SEK 33,000 per month. In addition, the waiting period

Join a union and get collective agreements, income insurance, personal advisory services and salary statistics.