Jusek is a union and professional association for graduates in law, business administration and economics, computer and systems science, personnel management and the social sciences. Jusek has about 88, 000 members in all sectors on the labour market.

One of the cornerstones of Jusek's operation is our focus on the individual. We always strive to find the best possible solutions for each individual member. By supporting members in various ways over issues such as wages, careers and employment terms we aim to strengthen their competitive edge on the labour market. Our members are divided into sections according to their professions and places of work. This enables them to receive professional assistance from experts in each respective sector.

Our mission:

To strengthen our member groups' and individual members' competitiveness and positions on the labour market.

Requirements for membership:

A degree in law, economics, IT systems, a behavioural science or other social science subject, or continuing studies in these subjects. Others working in positions with duties that would usually be carried out by people with the qualifications outlined above may be admitted as a member after special consideration and in accordance with guidelines from the management, the union board and the relevant section.

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