The Saco Transport and Railway Association’ – TJ

The Saco Transport and Railway Association (Saco-förbundet Trafik och Järnväg – TJ) is the obvious choice of union for those educated to upper secondary or university level and who work in administrative, technical or managerial roles at companies and authorities in the transport sector.

Companies at which we have members include Arriva, EuroMaint, Green Cargo, Jernhusen, MTR, Nobina, SJ, Trafikverket, Vectura and Veolia.

TJ is a small union, but that is part of our strength. Our members, union representatives and officials work closely together. We can provide personal contact and personal service.

One of our attractive benefits is TJ's income insurance, which is included in our membership fee. This guarantees members 80 percent of their previous wages during the first 120 days of unemployment.


Phone: 08-14 29 65

Fax: 08-10 80 67

Lilla Nygatan 14

Box 2131

103 14 Stockholm