The Swedish Dental Association – SDA

The Swedish Dental Association (SDA) organizes all dentists in Sweden. It deals with issues affecting the role of dentists in the community, professional ethics, education and science. Professional skills, a high quality of treatment and patient care are key concepts.

All these are important issues not only for dentists but also for ensuring that patients can be offered dental care of the highest quality. The SDA's extensive programme of professional development courses and the annual national odontological congress are examples of the association's activities.

The association has 6,600 members and is part of Saco.

  • The Swedish Dental Association publishes two periodicals:
  • The Journal of the Swedish Dental Association – 15 editions per year, includes news and comment on issues such as dental policy and ondontology.Swedish Dental Journal - a scientific periodical in English, with 4 editions per year, in which Swedish research is presented to dentists both in Sweden and internationally.

Four national organizations work closely with SDA:

Tjänstetandläkarföreningen (Swedish Association of Public Dental Officers)
Sveriges Odontologiska Lärare (Association of Odontology Teachers) in swedish
Studerandeföreningen (Association of Dentistry Students) in swedish in english

Österlånggatan 43

Box 1217

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