National Union of Teachers in Sweden – LR

Teaching is a special job. It is independent. It is often inspiring. It brings great responsibility. But it is also special in that despite the fact that teachers are surrounded by people, it is quite a lonely job.

When you are working in lonely job like this you sometimes need other people's perspective. Maybe something just doesn't feel right. Or perhaps you want to straighten out a persistent problem. One of the most important jobs for us at the National Union of Teachers in Sweden (Lärarnas Riksförbund – LR) is to support teachers with our collected experience and knowledge of schools and the teaching profession. We have a presence across the country, in every school.

If you are a qualified teacher, a study advisor or a vocational guidance officer, we are the natural choice. There are many advantages to joining LR. Find out more on our or call us on +46 8 613 27 00.

With approximately 92,000 members, LR is one of the largest Saco unions. Our members are qualified teachers, study advisors and vocational guidance officers at all levels of compulsory schooling, upper secondary schools, universities and colleges, as well as within adult education. in english