Swedish Association of Physiotherapists

The Swedish Association of Physiotherapists  (Fysioterapeuterna) is the union and professional association and for Sweden’s physiotherapists. It is politically independent. The Association of Physiotherapists was founded in 1943 and now has around 12,600 members, which means that a majority of Sweden’s professionally active physiotherapists are members.


The Association of Physiotherapists' vision is that everyone should be able to live a healthy life that is full of movement.

What we do

The Association of Physiotherapists' aim is to support its members in their work to promote good and equal health for everyone, both through healthcare and through high-quality preventive and health-enhancing initiatives.

Membership requirements:

To be admitted as a member it is necessary to be a qualified physiotherapist and have a licence to practice from the National Board of Health and Welfare. Students on courses that fulfil licencing requirements may become student members.

About the profession:

A physiotherapist is a movement expert and has an independent responsibility for preventing, investigating and treating functional problems and evaluating the effects of treatment. This also includes methodology and quality assurance development.
The profession's foundation is a holistic approach to the patient's health, personal background, personality and individual circumstances. The physiotherapist assesses and analyses the patient's physical condition, taking account of mental and social factors, in order to recommend the correct preventive, habilitative or rehabilitative measures.

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