The Swedish Association of School Principals and Directors of Education

The Swedish Association of School Principals and Directors of Education (Sveriges Skolledarförbund) has members working in both the public and private sectors. They work in everything from preschools to adult education. What unites them is their high levels of competence, their professional knowledge and their positions as leaders in education.


To develop the profession of school principal, to secure a salary that reflects the job's responsibility, to improve the working environment, to ensure development of professional skills and to stimulate debate on professional ethics.

Membership requirements:

Employment or otherwise working as a school principal or in a leading position in the education sphere.

Membership of the association gives access to the following services and benefits:

Salary questions:

Local branches are responsible for local wage negotiations. Each local branch has the authority to negotiate and signs local agreements with local employers. All members can communicate their wishes to the board of their local branch during the annual salary review. The local branch decides which form negotiations will take – wages are set either in wage discussions or in traditional negotiations – and ensures that the intentions of the collective agreement are followed in negotiations.

Members can access wage statistics from the association and from Saco via the website.

Worker participation and co-determination – information

Local branches represent the association's members in negotiations with local employers on organizational matters, appointments etc. Our organization derives its strength from the fact that members are represented by union officials who themselves are school principals and are thereby very familiar with principals' working situation. Local branches keep members constantly updated on the progress of negotiations.

Employment terms

Local branches negotiate local employment terms which complement those negotiated in the national collective agreements. Local branches can also give advice to members over individual negotiations.

Education and professional development

Local branches promote the development of school principals' professional skills. School principals' good knowledge base should be developed through further education in various forms at local, regional and national level.

Individual member service

Advice on employment issues is offered both at local branch level and by the association's headquarters. Advice is available on everything from signing employment agreements to negotiations and representation in the event of dismissal by an employer. Advice is also offered on pensions and insurance. In the event of industrial action, strike pay may be paid.

Other benefits:

  • Income insurance is included in the membership fee and applicable until the member Is 65 years old.
  • Discounted insurance is available for members.
  • Discounted bank services are available for members through Danske Bank.
  • Member loans can be applied for from SEB, Swedbank and Nordea The association's members' magazine, 'Skolledaren', is published 10 times annually.
  • Brochures and information material can be ordered free of charge. in english


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