Akademikerföreningen at Knowit in Stockholm

We represent employees at Knowit in Stockholm who are members of one of the SACO unions.

Are you a member of one of the Saco associations and employed by a company in the Knowit Group with a collective agreement, but have not yet received a welcome letter from the Akademikerföreningen? In that case, please register with Akademikerföreningen by using the Sign up link .

For us to best support you in your career, we need current information about you. If you change companies within the Knowit Group, please register it by using the Change company link.

The companies within Knowit in Stockholm that have collective agreements are as follows:

Knowit Cloud & Architecture AB
Knowit Connectivity AB
Knowit Connectivity Group AB
Knowit Development AB
Knowit Digital Management AB
Knowit Experience Stockholm AB
Knowit Group Functions AB
Knowit Insight Accelerate AB
Knowit Insight Health AB
Knowit Cybersecurity & Law AB
Knowit Secure Solutions AB
Knowit Solution Stockholm AB
Knowit Test Solutions AB