Members of the Saco-S Council

The Saco-S Council at Lund University consists of representatives from all affiliates and the Saco-S Council's administrative club. The number of representatives depends on the number of members at the university. Three of the largest affiliates have created local associations (SULF, Sveriges Ingenjörer, Naturvetarna) and it is then the local association's board that elects the representatives. The representatives of the other affiliates are elected by the unions centrally.

Published: Wednesday 6 Sep 2023

Last updated: Wednesday 6 Sep 2023

The members of the Saco-S Council represent the following unions

Akademikerförbundet SSR
Kyrkans Akademikerförbund
Lärarnas Riksförbund
STF – Tjänstetandläkarna
Sveriges Arbetsterapeuter
Sveriges Arkitekter
Sveriges Farmaceuter
Sveriges Ingenjörer
Sveriges läkarförbund
Sveriges Psykologförbund
Sveriges Universitetslärare och forskares förbund