Statistics for teachers and researchers

To get an idea of where you are in terms of salary in relation to employees with the same position, we show here statistics from the university's statistical tool Kuben from August 2023.

Published: Wednesday 6 Sep 2023

Last updated: Wednesday 6 Sep 2023

Who are you compared to?
At Lund University, the main rule is that the area of negotiation, i.e. the group of employees you are compared with, is different depending on the type of position you have. Employees with teaching positions (lecturers, doctoral students, associate senior lecturers, senior lecturers and professors) as well as researchers are compared with colleagues within the same faculty.

The salary statistics below are thus based on the job title of the entire faculty. However, it can look very different within the faculties. Therefore, the statistics below are not always accurate from a wage policy perspective. We work with the employer to change the structural problems that exist within the university.

The salary at the university is individual and the salaries are differentiated, which means that the assessment of your performance will affect what salary you have.

If you want to see what the average salary looks like within a specific faculty or activity, then you can choose your own parameters in Lund University's statistical tool Kuben (you must be on campus or use VPN). You select Staff and then Salary situation per position or Teacher salaries.

If you want to see how salaries at LU are in relation to the rest of Sweden, you can use Saco Lönesök. You choose the association you are a member of and log in through them.

What to consider when reading the statisticsWhere you are in your career affects where in the statistics you should be. If you're brand new, you might be somewhere between the 10% percentile and the average salary. If you are at the end of your career, you should perhaps be a bit above average, perhaps closer to the 90% percentile. If you have a special area of responsibility within your position without being a manager, you should also be higher.

Statistics for positions with 5 or more employees per faculty August 1 2023

The titles are unfortunately only available in Swedish

School of Economics and Management

Biträdande universitetslektor EHL

Forskare EHL

Postdoktor EHL

Professor EHL

Universitetsadjunkt EHL

Universitetslektor EHL


Faculties of Humanities and Theology

Biträdande universitetslektor HT

Forskare HT

Gästprofessor HT

Postdoktor HT

Professor HT

Universitetsadjunkt HT

Universitetslektor HT


Faculty of Law

Adjungerad universitetsadjunkt J

Biträdande universitetslektor J

Postdoktor J

Professor J

Universitetslektor J


Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts

Professor K

Universitetslektor K

Universitetsadjunkt K


Faculty of Engineering, LTH

Biträdande universitetslektor LTH

Forskare LTH

Postdoktor LTH

Professor LTH

Adjungerad professor LTH

Universitetsadjunkt LTH

Adjungerad universitetsadjunkt LTH

Universitetslektor LTH

Adjungerad universitetslektor LTH



Forskare MAXIV

Postdoktor MAXIV


Faculty of Medicine

Biträdande forskare M

Biträdande universitetslektor M

Forskare M

Gästprofessor M

Postdoktor M

Professor M

Professor/specialistläkare M

Professor/överläkare M

Universitetsadjunkt M

Universitetslektor M

Universitetslektor/Överläkare M

Universitetslektor/Överläkare/Specialist M


Faculty of Science 

Biträdande universitetslektor N

Forskare N

Postdoktor N

Professor N

Universitetsadjunkt N

Universitetslektor N


Faculty of Social Sciences

Biträdande universitetslektor S

Forskare S

Postdoktor S

Professor S

Universitetsadjunkt S

Adjungerad universitetsadjunkt S

Universitetslektor S