The union for university graduates at Scania

Akademikerföreningen (AF) represent all academics at Scania who are members of a Saco union. AF was founded at Scania in 1956. Today we are more than 3000 members and are growing steadily. Our target is for Scania to be an attractive employer and workplace for our members. We raise our members interests in negotiations, boards and other forums within Scania.

We represent members from 21 different unions

AF is an association for all white collar employees at Scania who are members of a trade union within Saco.

Saco is Sveriges akademikers centralorganisation. Saco gathers 21 independent trade unions within both the private and public sector. Together they represent more than 960 000 academics throught Sweden.

If you are a member of Sveriges Ingenjörer, Akavia, Naturvetarna or any other Saco union, AF is your union representative at Scania. We strive to make Scania even better for you as an academic. Become a member!


Our mission

Our mission is extensive, but in short, this is what we do;

  • Take care of the interests or our members and speak on their behalf when negotiating with Scania. 
  • Keep our members informed about trade union or other work related issues. 
  • Ensure that our collective agreement, Teknikavtalet, is followed.

In practice, this means that we are involved in a large number of areas, such as work environment, insurance and pension, cross group cooperation, salary, lobbying, individual support, and more.