Pension & Insurances

On top of the statutory insurance and statutory pension deposition scheme as an employee at Scania you’re also have an insurance protection with a pension scheme via the collective agreement. You can find more information about this on the pages below.

The purpose of these texts is for you to quickly can get an overview of the insurance coverage you have by being employed at Scania. There are additional cases on top of the ones mentioned in this material.

All this information is compiled by AF’s board. Since this area is continuously updated we renounce all responsibility to the accuracy of these texts.

On the Board AF, there are two trained insurance informers represented - Christina Widén and Emma Collin. If there is anything you are wondering about, you are welcome to contact them for specific information, or click on the links to the respective authority/company responsible for the respective information.

Follow the links to find more information about Pension, Illness, Work injury and Reimbursement for survivors.