Salary talk

Through the salary talk you have the opportunity to influence your salary increase by telling your manager about your expectations and what you have achieved.

Map your work performance

How did you meet the demands? Have you become more skilled in your field? Have you been given more responsibility? Have you increased your competence? Have you contributed to increasing your colleagues' performance?

Set your salary target

Define what a reasonable salary would be for yourself. What would you be content with?

Check your salary level

Start by checking AF's salary statistics and Saco salary search (available in Swedish).

Questions to bring up with your manager

  • Where am I in the salary structure? Do I have a high or low salary in relation to my position and the work I have done?
  • What is required for me to be able to get the desired salary development? Do I need to take on more complex tasks? Do I need to change role? Do I need to increase my competence? Or I can continue to perform as I have done so far?

Would you like to know more about the salary review process and what is expected of you? Feel free to come by our office in building 117 for support or come pick up one of our salary brochures for more support and guidance before your salary talk.