Salary statistics

AF produces local statistic reports every year on the salaries of our members. We use this information partly in our negotiations with the company, but we also send out a compiled statistical data report to our members twice a year, once before the salary review and then after.

We only send this information to our members. If you, as our member, do not receive te statistics report or would like our help with something related to your salary, contact us via e-mail, telephone or by coming by our office. Contact information can be found here.

Since we only have statistics based on our current member base, the data can sometimes be limited in order to be statistically accurate. Therefore we cannot always, to the dismay of many, display as concrete information as we would like to.

All these numbers

Understanding the statistics isn't always easy. It can be displayed in many different ways and therefore SACO has produced a document aimed at those who want a better understanding of salary statistics.

Link to the text "All these figures" by Galina Pokarzhevskaya, statistician at SACO.