Our mission

Our assignment is extensive and important. We strive to improve Scania for you as an academic. In order for us to be successful at that, we must be able to have an impact. We accomplish this through active members, close cooperation with the company  management where early access to information makes it possibly to bring forward our members interests before decisions are made, as well as and a large number of members.

In short AF shall;

  • Take care of the interests or our members and speak on their behalf when negotiating with Scania. 

  • Keep our members informed about trade union or other work related issues. 

  • Ensure that our collective agreement, Teknikavtalet, is followed.

In reality, this means that we are involved in a large number of areas such as; working environment, insurance and pension, spreading information and communicating with members, group collaboration within TRATON and MAN, salary, mentorship programs, lobbying, advice and support to members, codetermination, negotiations and agreements, assignments in company boards and other forums as well as in the central unions.