Thank you for being a member

A membership is good for you as an individual but also for us as a collective as it contributes to better working conditions for all of us. The more members we are, the stronger our bargaining power is.

Get advice and support from us

As a member you can contact us with both small and large questions. We help you with tips and advice on how to act. We can also support you by attending meetings. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


We produce a salary statistics report twice a year to make our members prepared for their salary negitation talks. The statistics are based on our members' salaries before and after the salary revision. In addition to the statistics report, we also provide personal advice on salaries, e.g. before changing position and provide individual salary statistics based on the member's role, education and experience. Read more.

Individual support

If you end up in a vulnerable position at work, we will support you. We supoort you with guidance on how to handle the situation you're in and can also assist in various contexts, such as rehabilitation. The sooner we can be involved in the process, the better it is for you. We stand by your side and see to that your rights are protected. Read more about Rehabilitation, Harassment.

Labor law

We answer questions about labor law, which apply to leave of absence, parental leave, overtime and other conditions which are regulated in the collective agreement. Read more. 

Pension and Insurance

We inform and guide our members about insurance and pension. Every year we invite an independent pension specialist for a training session incl. a Q&A. For individual support based on your own situation, we recommend rådgivningstjä (only available in Swedish). Read more.