Climate impact

Visualising and setting goals for Scania’s climate impact makes it easier for employees to make climate-smart choices.

Targeted and visualised climate impact

To reduce climate impact, there must be a carbon budget that the
business has to deal with, broken down as far as possible.
By visualizing our climate impact, it will be easier for employees to make climate-smart choices.

Climate-smart food

Scania must ensure that there is a range of good, varied, nutritious and climate-smart food in our restaurants and kiosks.

Climate-smart offices

Premises must be energy efficient in terms of lighting, ventilation
and equipment. There must be sustainability requirements for
suppliers of services and electronic equipment, such as mobile phones and computers. Waste sorting must be made possible and encouraged, even in an office environment. Disposable items should be avoided at vending machines and kiosks.

Sustainable transport

Scania must make it easier for employees to choose climate-smart transport solutions to, from, and at work. For example, through
increased routes / frequency for Scania Go, more electric bicycles and more and safer commuter bicycle parkings. The transport time can thereby be reduced or can be used for work, recovery or everyday
exercise. In addition, affordable and climate-smart staff cars and
company cars should be offered.