For all employees’ skills and unique perspectives to be utilised, there must be conditions for good leadership.

Value good leadership

Scania must work for a culture that encourages and provides opportunity for inclusive and adapted leadership. Managers who give employees the conditions to develop must be rewarded. When recruiting for the managerial role, there must be requirements for good leadership.

Right preconditions

There must be right conditions for conducting good leadership. Leadership training, limited group size, reasonable workload and expectations, clear job description and organization are important parts. There must be time for leadership and a regular dialogue with employees within regular working hours. It must be possible to give your employees a reasonable workload and time for recovery to avoid ill health.

Leadership support

Support in the form of, for example, mentorship for dialogue and reflection on leadership and managerial networks must be available to all managers. Leadership must be continuously discussed, supported and followed up by the immediate manager. Remote work requires special support for managers to be able to exercise their work environment responsibility and for remote leadership.