Salary and benefits

Salary systems and salary setting must be designed to become a driving force for the development of employees’ skills and tasks. Benefits should create added value in addition to the terms of employment.

Good salary career

It must be possible to have a good salary development throughout the professional life at Scania. The collective salary spread / salary span must increase to the average for corresponding workplaces.

Increased salary differentiation

Salary differentiation within a group and between groups must increase to become a driving force for value-creating performance.

Salary drift between revisions

The collective increment for promotion and broadened between
revisions, must be large enough to maintain or improve the salary structure. Particularly good performance, increased responsibility,
new position, broadening and steps upwards in career paths must
generate salary increase. Change of manager and organisational
changes must not adversely affect the salary development.

Occupational pension after 65

Scania should pay occupational pensions for employees who continue working after the age of 65. It should be possible to reduce working hours at 60 years with the same conditions as for the 62+ solution.

Parental salary

It should be possible to divide the parental leave into several periods while maintaining parental salary. The far limit for when parental
salary can be paid should be extended beyond the current 18 months.

Extra vacation days

It should be possible to exchange the holiday supplement for extra vacation days.