Benefits shall create extra value on top of the employmentconditions. With a wide range and increased flexibility, moreemployees can gain from benefits in different life situations.

Increased health allowance
The well-being of employees should be encouraged. To reduce the risk
of training being rejected due to economic reasons the health allowance
should be raised to the Swedish Tax Agency level for tax-free personnel

Part-time pension
It should be possible to use the same solution called 62+ from the age
of 60.

Occupational pension after 65
Scania should pay occupational pension to employees working past the
age of 65.

Parental pay
It should be possible to divide parental leave into several periods of
time without losing parental pay. The time limit for when parental pay
can be paid out should be extended beyond today’s 18 months.

Extra vacation days
It should be possible to change the extra vacation pay to extra vacation

Climate-smart personnel car
There should be a favorable personnel car offering where the climate-smart alternatives are economically advantageous.