Diversity, equity & inclusion

All employees at Scania should feel that they can be themselvesin their work, with an equal opportunity to develop based ontheir unique abilities.

Inclusive recruitment

Vacancies must be advertised in accordance with Scania’s Policy, where
the only exception is acting managerial positions. To advertise positions
forms the basis for inclusion and is an enabler for skill capture, while at
the same time giving employees a greater opportunity to influence their
own careers. Active work is required to reduce the risk of homosociality
- that equals choose equals. For example, by ensuring that there is a
male and a female final candidate in manager recruitment.

Active measures against discrimination and victimisation

All units at Scania must, in accordance with the Discrimination Act,
work with active measures to prevent discrimination and promote
equal rights and opportunities. All forms of discrimination must be
counteracted and awareness of victimisation and harassment must be

Area of responsibility: Ability variations

All employees, regardless of ability variations, have the right to feel
included. A coordinating function within the company is needed to provide support to managers and employees in these matters. Knowledge
of which behaviors and working methods are at risk of being exclusive
must increase. Communication must take place in a way that gives
everyone the opportunity to participate. The work environment must be
adapted so that everyone has the conditions to perform and thrive.

Visaualise company diversity work

Scania is obliged to promote diversity and gender equality through
active measures. AF believes that the results of the work should be followed up and reported regularly in reports available to all employees.