Good work environment is important to all employees, no matter the organisational level. Expectations on leaders must be sustainable and give room for good leadership.

Sustainable leadership

Constant availability cannot be expected in any position. Guidelines for
availability are important for expectations to be clear.
The working time needs to be followed and limited, regardless if overtime is compensated or not. The administrative tasks should be limited
to give room for good leadership and a healthy workload.

Leadership development

To conduct a good leadership, time and budget for team development is
crucial. The size of the team needs to be manageable, to enable frequent
talks with team members.
A clear career path , that encourage good leadership, is needed to keep
and develop leaders. It should be possible to enter a leadership career
path no matter the age.

Support to leaders

Mentorship and networks must be available for all leaders. It is
important to continuously have access to a platform for trustful
dialogue about complex leadership challenges.
New leaders need an onboarding that supports them to succeed.
For the daily tasks, but also for strategic direction and to achieve
a well-functioning team.