Salary systems and salary setting must be designed to become adriving force for the development of employees’ skills and tasks.Taking career steps and taking on more responsibilities andcomplex tasks shall pay off throughout the professional life ofgraduates at Scania.

Always salary increase at a change

Taking career steps and taking on more complex tasks is not valued
highly enough. As a result, the salary structure has become increasingly
compressed. The salary revision surcharges together with other salary
supplements are not sufficient to both maintain the salary structure
and raise the salary level.
In order to break the negative trend, promotion and broadening
surcharges must increase. This requires that particularly good
performance, increased responsibility, a new position, broadening and
steps upwards in a career path are valued by Scania and always
generate a salary increase when the change takes place.

Increased differentiation in the salary revision

A performance above expectations or according to expectations has
resulted in similar salary increases in the salary revisions. Salary
differentiation must now increase so that it becomes a driving force for
value-creating performance.

Better possibility for a salary career

The difference between the highest and lowest salaries has fallen since
2016. The lowest salaries increase but the highest do not keep up.
Salaries must now increase for the highest career steps to motivate to
take on greater responsibilities and more complex tasks.