Taking career steps and taking on more responsibilities and complex tasks shall pay off throughout the professional life of graduates at Scania.

Salary strategy at Scania
Scania must have a salary strategy so that short-term and long-term as
well as local and central decisions on salary can work together. The goal
is for Scania to be an attractive employer and a profitable company.

Managers’ mandate to set salary
Scania’s managers must have a mandate to set salaries. Both in the
salary revision and at all other times during the year.

Well-functioning salary revision
The salary revision must be smooth and meaningful. The salary differentiation must increase so that it becomes a driving force for good
performance. The salary development must have a strong connection to
the performance and not be limited by the internal relative salary level.

Improved salary structure
To both maintain the salary structure and raise the salary level,
promotion and broadening surcharges must increase throughout the
year. It requires that increased responsibility, new position, broadening, steps up in a career path always generate a salary increase when
the change takes place.