Corporate culture

Scania should be a company to be proud of. In terms of experiences, products and services, as a societal actor, for its view of and its actions towards employees, as well as for the added value and sense of belonging it offers employees.

Mutual loyalty
Scania needs to see the whole individual and their life situation.
Employees who are loyal and stand up for the company should be able
to expect loyalty in return. They must be supported to maintain a good
performance at different phases and events in life, both in and out of

New ways of working
To be successful in a new way of working, employees need to be trained
and involved, with possibilities to influence. Managers need to be
supported and equipped with the right tools to lead the change.

Part of a winning team
Employees should feel that they are an appreciated part of a winning
team. Achievements that result in valuable results for Scania and
TRATON must be made visible and celebrated. Sharing success with
colleagues and family creates pride and participation.

Sense of belonging
To get a sense of belonging, there must be social safety and good
opportunities to build collegial relationships. There must be financial
and time space for group strengthening activities.

Company, product and customer knowledge
Successes and news about our products, services and business areas
must be easily accessible to employees. There must be easily accessible
information about roles and work areas in the organization. To ensure
that we develop according to business needs, a continuous communication with current and future customers is needed. It is important get
feedback on work result both from internal and external customers.