Future readiness

There must be conditions for employees to work and develop inline with Scania’s transformation. It requires that employees are involved in new ways of working and techniques and gain a good understanding of the customer’s demand and needs.

Understand the customer

All employees need to understand the customer’s needs and receive
feedback on work results from both internal and external customers.
There must be time and networks for a continuous dialogue as our
customers and their needs change over time.

New ways of working

To succeed in the transition to new ways of working, employees need to
be given the right tools and conditions to be innovative, try new ways of
working and challenge areas where we can improve.
Managers need to be supported and equipped with the right tools to
lead change.

Inclusive reorganisations

Scania shall have uniform and known processes for reorganization with
the aim of developing current employees. In the event of organisational
changes, unions and employees must be involved at an early stage.
The processes must be scalable to be able to handle changes of different



To succeed in the transition to an agile way of working, employees and management teams need to be trained and involved, with a possibility to influence. Risk analyzes of the change in working methods must be carried out.