Work environment

A good work environment, involvement as well as balance betweenrequirements and resources promotes well-being, health, motivationand thus performance.

Sustainable working life
Employees should be involved in a dialogue about the balance between
expectations, resources and priorities, with the possibility to influence
their situation. Recovery during working hours must be possible and
encouraged.The active work with preventive psychosocial health should
be clarified and prioritised. Knowledge of early signs of ill health needs
to increase and the work for increased physical and psychological safety

Appropriate workplaces
The employee influence when designing and implementing new office solutions in the hybrid landscape needs to increase. Continuous
evaluation and involvement are prerequisites for a good work environment. The meeting culture in the hybrid working life needs to be developed to ensure inclusion. Type of activity should determine where the
work is to be performed.

Clear work environment responsibility in the transformation
It must be clear who is responsible for the work environment in the new
organisations that are created during the transformation.

Continued flexibility
A flexible working life enables a better balance in life. Remote work
should be part of the normal situation.

It must be clear what applies to employees without overtime compensation, regarding disposition of working hours.