Increase your salary

Do you want to increase your salary? Then start talking about it, don't wait until the next salary review. Always raise the salary in connection with a promotion - before you have accepted. It is difficult to come up with a salary claim afterwards. Negotiate both as you move up a career path and as you move sideways. Increased responsibility and more complex work tasks within a position must also provide a salary raise.

The salary revision period is between 1st November and 1st July, other salary increases is between 1st July and 1st November.

It is always recommended to discuss your salary and salary increase with your manager. But keep in mind that the outcome of the agreement must fall out in the period of 1st July and 1st November in order not to affect the revision outcome. As a salary change takes place depending on broadening/career step/overtime exchange, the company has unilaterally decided to include the salary revision in the salary change within the period 1st November to 1st July.

Annual recurring salary review

Development paths/career levels

Broadening Increase

Market salary rate