Start here:

  1. Have someone read the first statement aloud to the whole group.
  2. Answer true or false by raising your hand.
  3. Talk together briefly about the correct answer before moving on to the next statement.


  • We don't get stressed by things we enjoy!
  • Stress is dangerous!
  • Stress only affects sensitive people!
  • Moving is recreation!

Answers can be found here: 

Questions to use for discussion

  • What is positive stress to you?
  • What is negative stress to you?
  • What situations and what stresses you out?
  • How do you react to acute stress?
  • What are your early signs of stress (physical, emotional, behavioral or cognitive)?
  • What early signs of stress have you experienced in others? (physical, emotional, behavioral or cognitive)?
  • How do you want you to act if someone in your work group shows signs of unhealthy stress.
  • What can you and your colleagues do to reduce the risk of missing that someone in your work group are not feeling well?
  • Do you have experience of being part of  a minority group? Has it affected your stress level?
  • What are your best tips for being a good colleague and contributing to good work climate?
  • Do you think it's okay to say "no" at work?
  • How do we ensure that unhealthy stress is handled early on?
  • Who can you contact if you feel concerned that you or a colleague are showing signs of unhealthy stress?
  • What lowers the stress at work for you and for your work group?
  • In addition to recovery, meaningful work, social support and clear responsibility are examples of factors that protect against unhealthy stress.
  • What are the things that helps your work group to keep the unhealthy stress away?