Work environment

A good work environment, regardless of workplace, as well as balance between requirements and resources, promotes well-being, health, motivation and thus performance.

Healthy workload

Employees must be involved in a dialogue about the balance between expectations and resources, with the possibility to influence the situation. Employees must know which tasks and projects are prioritized. Recovery during working hours, like short breaks, must be possible and encouraged.

Flexible working life

Flexible working life, in time and place, is experienced positively by many. Remote work must be part of the normal for where work is performed. The physical as well as the organizational and social work environment must be ensured regardless of where the work is performed. Possibility of recovery and guidelines for accessibility is a prerequisite.

Workplace at home

Leasing or subsidies for equipment, such as a work chair and a height-
adjustable desk, must be offered to ensure a healthy and appropriate home workplace. Knowledge and support of ergonomics, digital work, remote collaboration and early signals of ill health must increase.

Attractive and functional offices

In the new mix of office presence and remote work, the offices must be adapted to be appropriate, ensure the individual’s efficiency and well-being, and promote creativity and collaboration. There must be areas for creative work and teamwork, conference rooms, quiet rooms and spaces for recovery and reflection.

Digital work environment

A good and user-friendly digital work environment contributes to an
attractive workplace and reduced stress. Safety inspection tours for digital work environment should be introduced and applied.