Here you will find contact information for the board of the Saco-S Association at Linnaeus University, as well as its nomination committee. In addition, it is clear what responsibilities different members have within the board, but also members' assignments in different bodies within the university.

Published: Tuesday 5 May 2020

Last updated: Tuesday 5 May 2020

Board of Saco-S Association at Linnaeus University 2021-2022 - members

Chair: Jan Andersson ( - lecturer at the Department of Social Studies - Växjö

Vice Chairman: Gunilla Gunnarsson ( - lecturer at the Department of Didactics and Teacher's Practice - Kalmar

Secretary: Nina Andersson Junkka ( -biochemical analyst at Faculty Office of Health and Life Sciences - Kalmar

Daiva Balciunaite Håkansson ( - faculty administrator at the Faculty Office of Business and Economics - Kalmar

Mårten Ekblad ( - lecturer at the Department of Media and Journalism - Kalmar

Stefan Lindkvist Gómez ( - international relations advisor at Office of External Relations - Växjö

Magnus Mårtensson ( - lecturer at the Department of Social Work - Växjö

Karina Petersson ( - lecturer at the Department of Social Studies - Växjö

Eva Pohl ( - lecturer at the Department of Biology and Environmental Science - Kalmar

Board of Saco-S Association at Linnaeus University 2020-2021 - deputies

Jennie Aagesson ( - librarian at the University Library - Kalmar

Sofie Tornhill ( - lecturer at the Department of Social Studies - Växjö

Nomination committee for the Saco-S Association at Linnaeus University

Convener: Erik Wångmar ( - lecturer at the Department of Political Science - Växjö

Maria Bergström ( - lecturer at the Department of Chemistry and Biomedical Sciences - Kalmar

Sheila Feldmanis ( - lecturer at the Department of Languages - Växjö

Constanta Olteanu ( - lecturer at the Department of Mathematics - Kalmar

Petra Wereén ( - financial manager at Faculty Office of Social Sciences - Växjö

Saco-S representatives in various bodies at the university

University Board: Jan Andersson (ordinary) and Gunilla Gunnarsson (alternate)

Audit Committee: Jan Andersson

Staff Disciplinary Board: Jan Andersson (ordinary) and Gunilla Gunnarsson (alternate)

Principal Safety Representative: Magnus Mårtensson

Working Environment Committee: Jan Andersson

Group for managing transition funds: Sofie Tornhill (ordinary) och Jan Andersson (alternate)

Work on salary negotiations: Jan Andersson, Gunilla Gunnarsson and Karina Petersson

Codetermination negotiations: Jan Andersson and Gunilla Gunnarsson, as well as other members if needed

Group for work with issues of influence: Stefan Lindkvist Gómez, Gunilla Gunnarsson and Jan Andersson

Faculty collaboration FKH: Gunilla Gunnarsson and Mårten Ekblad

Faculty collaboration FTK: Jan Andersson and Daiva Balciunaite Håkansson

Faculty collaboration FHL: Eva Pohl and Nina Andersson Junkka

Faculty collaboration FSV: Sofie Tornhill and Magnus Mårtensson

Faculty collaboration FEH: Jan Andersson och Jennie Aagesson

Faculty collaboration NLU: Stefan Lindkvist Gómez and Karina Petersson

Doctoral Student Representative: Karina Petersson

Saco-S - central

Our trade union association at Linnaeus University is Swedish Association of University Teachers and Researchers (SULF). If, as a member of a Saco federation, you are in urgent need of union support from outside Linnaeus University, you can contact SULF.

SULF's office

Address Ferkens Gränd 4, 111 30 Stockholm,

Office: tel. switch: 08-505 836 00, e-mail:

Saco-S union with members at the university

Saco-S consists of 21 independent unions. Of these, 16 are represented at Linnaeus University, where SULF, Akavia, Lärarförbundet, Akademikerförbundet SSR, DIK, Sveriges Ingenjörer and Naturvetarna are among the largest unions. Central websites for the associations that have members at Linnaeus University can be reached via the links below:

Akademikerförbundet SSR


DIK (in Swedish only)


Lärarnas Riksförbund



SRAT, Fackförbundet för akademiker i samhällsbärande professioner (in Swedish only)

Sveriges Arbetsterapeuter

Sveriges Arkitekter

Sveriges Ingenjörer

Sveriges läkarförbund

Sveriges Psykologförbund (in Swedish only)

Sveriges Skolledarförbund

Sveriges universitetslärare och forskare, SULF

Sveriges Veterinärförbund