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Published: Wednesday 28 Apr 2021

Last updated: Wednesday 28 Apr 2021

The Saco-S council (Saco-S-rådet) at Umeå University is the umbrella organization for all of the individual Saco unions at Umeå University. All of the Saco unions have the right to have a representative in the Saco-S council, however this right is not used by all of the Saco unions at Umeå University. The Saco-S council also has a board which has as one of its functions to appoint union representatives for each faculty. The Saco-S council is the local part at all negotiations at Umeå University and represents all members of Saco unions at Umeå university.

SULF is the largest of the Saco unions at Umeå University. This means that SULF is the so-called contact union at Umeå University. The contact union is responsible for providing advice, information and support during negotiations. SULF also arranges training courses at the national level that is available to all elected representatives within the Saco-S domain.