Disagreement in the wage negotiations

We need your answers as soon as possible.

Published: Friday 4 Nov 2022

Last updated: Wednesday 9 Nov 2022

We need your answers to be able to have a good basis when we have the negotiations regarding the disagreements. Provide concise and impactful arguments.
The negotiations take place on 28 and 30 November. We want your answer as soon as possible before the negotiations. Reply preferably at once.

The focus of disagreement negotiations and the questions we ask you to answer here is how the salary process went. How well have the salary setting talks been carried out? Have you had two talks, have you received clear arguments for your new salary?

The audit is about your salary and what level it ends up at, not a percentage mark-up.

Disagreement at salary setting talks

Have you had the first and second salary setting talks?
Did you propose a new salary to your boss?
Did you present the arguments to your boss at your salary-setting meeting?
Did you ask your boss what you need to do to raise your salary?