Doctoral students salary-ladder

Local collective agreement on salary setting and rise for doctoral students valid [after negotiation ended 2022-11-15] from 2022-10-01

Published: Saturday 28 Aug 2021

Last updated: Monday 9 Jan 2023

Minimum levels:



Salary (in full-time employment)* and level surcharge**


Minimum starting salary

29 400 kr


Achieved one year of net study time

29 900 kr (+500)


Completed half-time follow-up or completed licentiate degree ***

31 400 kr (+1 500)


Achieved three years of net study time

32 900 kr (+1 500)


Completed doctoral degree ****

34 400 kr (+1 500)

* Adjusted from and including 22-01-01 according to local agreement on salaries for doctoral students and others. at SLU (SLU ID:

** Since SLU's opportunities to recruit doctoral students must guide the determination of starting salary, higher starting salary can be agreed. These doctoral students shall receive the level premiums agreed.

*** Salary according to level C is received retroactively after completed half-time follow-up from the first of the month after two years of net study time has been achieved.

**** The salary will be increased from the month indicated on the degree certificate. A copy of the degree certificate is sent to the Human Resources Department.