Omstart - your guide to the Swedish labour market

Omstart is a website for newly arrived professionals and a shortcut to better knowledge of the Swedish labour market. It is a single source of information for graduates from outside of Sweden, providing help and advice about employment in the relevant profession, as well as about paths to supplementary qualifications.

In Sweden, twenty percent of people with a higher education were born abroad. Most immigrant graduates are in work, but the path to a job that matches your education and experience can be long and winding. Foreign graduates also have a slightly higher unemployment rate than native Swedes.

Information on one website

It can be difficult for newly arrived professionals to return to work in their area of expertise. Saco and its unions want to make it easier to find both accurate information and a route to a career in the right profession. "Omstart" contains general information about the Swedish labour market, as well as specific information for more than fifty professions and what applies to them in Sweden. For example, whether it is necessary to apply for authorisation or a work permit.

Inspiration and advice

"Omstart" targets professionals who have recently arrived in Sweden and are not yet established on the Swedish labour market. Information on the site covers both what can be done individually and help available from the government and other organisations. This includes how to have foreign qualifications recognised in Sweden, which makes it easier for potential employers to understand an applicant's expertise, information about the Swedish system of higher education and the opportunities for obtaining supplementary qualifications.