Exhibitor lists

This lista is from 2018. The exhibitors list from 2019 will be published from late May.

Stand numbers

Please check the exhibitor lists.

Exhibitor info in the fair app

We will provide you with a link for updating your infos late August. A brief informative text and links to facebbook, twitter, Linkedin and your web site along with the educations you wish to promote and the fields of interest you cover. These can be accessed both from the events' website and app.

Search engine

Our app Saco studentmässa has a search engine (Matcha intressen), why it is important that you check the educational areas you provide for international students in your exhibitor information.

App and webbsite

The lists are accessed from our website and app. The app will be used by all prebooked (90%) of all visitors as the app also cointains the entrance ticket.