About Saco Student Fairs

Saco Student Fairs are the largest educational fairs for higher education in Sweden. Almost a third of all final year students in the whole country visit us for inspiration for their choice of studies.

Study guidance
Bädda in videor

What are Saco Student Fairs?

Saco Student Fairs are mainly for high school students in their final year seeking  inspiration for their further choice of study. 

The visit is organised in coopertion with the high schools' study guidance councellors and the visit is compulsory in many schools. However the fair is open to everyone with an interest in education.

Who are the exhibitors at Saco Student Fairs?

Our exhibition features a wide range of information on education and labour, and not just academic ones. Since most secondary schools visit us with entire classes we need to offer something for everyone. Therefore, we invite representatives of all career paths - universities, polytechnics, private training courses, study abroad and employers. Studies abroad are very popular for this age group in Sweden, as many (about 50%) do not plan to continue to university directly after graduation. They are looking for travel, studies and work abroad or volontary work.


Together with our exhibitors, we organize more than a hundred free lectures everyday. After the event the lectures can be watched in our Youtube channel. Most of them are in Swedish though.