Exhibiting at Saco Student Fairs

Saco Student Fair is the largest educational fair in Sweden. Meet more than 30 000 young Swedes in their final year of high school when they visit our first digital student fair

Saco Student Fair is the place to be if you wish to reach out those who are about to choose higher education and career path. We usually have one event in Stockholm and one in Malmö, but as we now are going digital due to the Corona crisis we can receive students from all over the country in one online student fair.

Exhibitors are universities, polytechnic educations, employers and organizations, agents and international universities and colleges as well as the Saco with its professional associations who provide information about academic careers.

Recruiting in Sweden

Is it worth the effort? Absolutely! Swedish students are very keen to take on the adventure of studying in a foreign country.

As many as 50% of Swedish high school graduates take one or a few years off before commencing their university studies. During that time, studies and travels abroad are popular activities.

23 600 Swedes study abroad in 2018/19. 15 900 were free movers, 7 700 participated in exchange programmes and the rest went abroad for language studies. Great Britain Australia, Denmark, Poland and the US are the largest recipients. Asia has increased with 46% during the last four years.

Where do they go?

Main recipients

  Region Students 2017
1 EU (except for Nordic countries) 11 640
2 North America 4 780
3 Asia 2 360
4 Nordic countries 2 090
5 Oceania 1 740
6 Africa 280
7 South America 280



What do they study abroad?


Source: Swedish student mobility, SCB (Swedish National Agency of Statistics)

Financial aid

Swedish students have the right to apply for financial aid for studies in another country. A condition is that the overseas education has been recognised by the Swedish National Agency for Higher Education (UHR).

Find out about the requirements for recognition here

The amount of the financial aid/loan is the same for studying abroad as in Sweden. The repayment terms are also the same as for studying in Sweden. However additional finance is available for tuition fees, insurance and travel expenses, etc.

One condition for financial aid from the Swedish Board for Study Support (CSN) for studies outside the EEA and Switzerland is that the course lasts for a minimum of 3 months, full time. Within the EEA and Switzerland the minimum length is 15 weeks.

Language studies
To be qualified for study the courses have to be on a post secondary level if the person is below 20. 

Swedes have excellent knowledge of foreign languages

Another reason for the large number of Swedes choosing to study abroad is their knowledge of foreign languages. Having a mother tongue that is not spoken anywhere else in the world, Swedes are encouraged to learn foreign languages early. Language studies give the applicants for university studies extra credits for all educational fields. It is also worth mentioning that the results from studies carried out with focusing on younger people's attitudes show that a very high percentage of young people in Sweden today plan to or want to spend a period of time abroad. Many want to study at university level and there is also an interest for shorter vocational courses and for work experience.
Find out more about the Swedish study system at The Swedish National Agency for Higher Education's website, www.uhr.se

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The Saco fair is a starting point for the choice of education

For many young people the process of choosing a higher education begins at Saco Student Fair. They discover the wide range of educations and are inspired by both education providers, educational organizations and future employers. Our lectures, exhibitors and study guidance counsellors provide everything they need to make a smart and conscious choice of education. The impressions from the fairs are very important for their choices.

How do we reach the visitors

We invite all high schools through their study guidance counsellors, who manage the reservations and coordinate the visit. This year, since we are going digital, we will invite schools all over the country.

Preparation is the key

Our evaluations have clearly shown that preparations are vital for the students' output from the fair. So we have plenty of support for to motivate our visitors to make a plan for the event.

Beside the fairs we provide a number of tools to enable conscious choices of education. We provide a book on how to choose an education, how prepare for studies and labour market forecasts. All books are ordered free of charge by the highschools' study guidance councellors. They can also be downloaded on our website

Popular lectures 

Our lecture program that will now turn into webinars is an important part of the fairs. We organize more than hundred short lectures every day on all sorts of subjects. Some are organized by Saco itself, others are held by exhibitors. Giving a lecture is an excellent way to reinforce your statement. Read more here