Saco Student Fairs have a rich and highly appreciated lecture program, with lectures from both the organizer and exhibitors. This year they will be webinars.

Saco Student Fair organizes a number of these 15 minutes lectures, but exhibitors too have the opportunity to reinforce their message by giving their own lectures at the fairs. The lectures are included in our search engine based on areas of interest. There will be no schedule this year and all webinars will be on-demand instead. This means that they also will be pre-recorded material which gives you more flexibility to focus on your digital stand. However, each webinar is accompanied by a live chat, which you handle together with those questions coming in through your digital stand.

Cost: 3 000 SEK per sessions.
Booking is open between September 7 to October 19.

Please email us if you have questions.


Can I change the title and description after booking?

Do you have any tips for recording a webinar?

How does the live-chat work?

How long should the title and description be?

How many webinars can we book?

What format should the films be?

Where and when do we send our filmed webinars?