The digital student fair

At our digital student fair you can reach those interested in post secondary education and studies abroad all over Sweden. From the South of Sweden to the North. Without traveling.

Published: Wednesday 10 Jun 2020

Last updated: Wednesday 16 Sep 2020


November 24-27, 8.30 to 16.30. After that, all content except the live parts will be available until April next year. In 2019, Saco Student Fairs in Stockholm and Malmö had almost 30,000 visitors, with the one digital fair the potential is much greater.


Online, with desktop or tablet. Mobile works too, but larger is better. We invite all upper secondary schools in Sweden through the schools' study guidance counselors and principals.

What does the event contain?

The digital fair platform is a website. The fair consists of a lobby with guidance and various inspirational activities. Of course there will be stands and an extensive webinar program.

The stands

Basic stand

The basic stand is the core of the stands and can be booked as the smallest stand option. The registration fee is SEK 3 000 and the stand costs SEK 12 000. 

All stands have the same structure so that visitors can easily find what they are looking for.


  • Basic information with a short promotional video, pictures and links
  • Live broadcast in your choice of platform. For example broadcast from campus with live students interviews .
  • Zoom-sessions, one-to-one or in smaller groups
  • Live chat where visitors can ask questions
  • Searchability based on interests, educational area, category and alphabetical order

Extra channels

Extra channels make the stand "larger". A channel represents a specific subject och educational area or staff you wish to highlight. The channel contains the same features as the basic stand for this specific area. The price is SEK 3,000 per extra channel.


University X wishes to highlight veterinary studies and dental studies. They can choose two extra channels for these and man them with staff/students specifically informing about these areas, including live broadcast, Zoom-meetings and live chat as well as a specific promotional video in each of these channels. The basic stand is manned by the person who informs about the university in general.

Extra zoom user and/or chat users

If you wish to have more than one representative having Zoom meetings and/or live chat you book Extra users. Either for your basic stand or in a channel (SEK 1 500/user).

Joint stands country wise, SEK 6000

We also have a package for country wise joint stands, such as Canadian Embassy package, EducationUSA package, British Embassy package and Campus France package. It is  not possible to book extra channels or Zoom/chat users in this option.

Webinars, SEK 3 000

the same webinar is scheduled twice a day, all four days.

A maximum of 15 minutes and pre-recorded, to make it easier for the exhibitors to focus on chat questions. The video is available during and after the fair, but the chat function is only open for questions during the live event.

The webinars are accessed from the webinar program and through the Match interests search function.