Streamed live in Södertälje (hörsalen 117), Luleå (Showroom) and Oskarshamn

Improving your collaboration and conflict management skills

11:30 - 13:00

Streamed live in Södertälje (hörsalen 117), Luleå (Showroom) and Oskarshamn

Would you like to be better at conflict management?

Welcome to a lecture by Oskar Palmenfelt at Medlingscentrum. The lecture will describe:

How collaborative problems escalate
- and how to stop them.

Your conflict style
- and how to broaden your repertoire.

What happens in your body and your head in a conflict
- and why it is difficult to see other
people’s perspectives.

The lectur will be streamed live:

Södertälje: in Hörsalen by117, code HI
Oskarshamn: in Beronius, code HJ
Luleå: in Showroom, code HH

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