This is Saco-S at the University of Gothenburg

Saco-S is a labor organization for federally employed academics and consists of 21 Saco Unions. Together we represent nearly 86 000 graduates. As a member of a Saco trade union you are included in our collective bargaining.

Publicerad: Fredag 27 mar 2015

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At the University of Gothenburg we have a local Saco-S council with approximately 11 active union representatives. As a member we can help you with questions regarding your employment at the University. Contact us here and find out more about membership and what we can do for you.



Saco-S at the University of Gothenburg has compiled information in the form of a chairman's letter about the ongoing email crash. Feel free to take part in this chairman's letter, you will find it here.

2020-10-08: COPYRIGHT

Due to the new policy document that the University of Gothenburg has produced regarding employees' copyright, we recommend all members to take part in the material that SULF has produced regarding teachers' copyright and to contact us with questions at Saco-S.

Feel free to take part in our chairman's letter regarding copyright, you can find it here.