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Publicerad: Torsdag 18 jun 2020

Senast uppdaterad: Torsdag 18 jun 2020

How can I become a member of the union?

Why should I become a member of the union?

Where do I find the terms of employment?

I experience harassment, what do I do?

How does the salaray setting process work? How is my salary set? Salary dialogue and four-party discussion.

Me and my manager don’t agree on my new salary – what do I do?

I have got an incorrect (and too big) salary payment. What happens?

I want to try another job, can I be on leave from my postition at LiU?

I am employed as a ‘doktorand’ and have been ill and on parental leave for a while. What happens with my employment?

Do I need to do something in order to get the yearly extra salary that doctoral candidates who are members of the union get?

I am not an EU citizen. Any idea to be a member of the union and the unemployment fund?