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College of the Desert

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College of the Desert (COD), located in sunny Southern California, is ranked one of the 50 most beautiful colleges in the U.S.! We offer a wide variety of flexible community college programs including university pathways, gap year/semester, and vocational programs. 

COD has recently won numerous national awards for our high level of student success in over 100 degree and certificate programs.  

Our area is famous for its California lifestyle featuring music & film festivals, sports, a laid-back culture, outdoor adventure, and other attractions that make our California Desert a top destination.

COD’s graduates are offered guaranteed transfer admission to the University of California, California State, and many private universities. Over 90% of our international graduates successfully transfer to U.S. universities!  

Tuition costs for one fulltime academic year at COD are a great value at less than $8,000, and COD offers scholarships for international students. 

COD’s campus life includes dozens of social, academic, and cultural student clubs, and we welcome international students to try out for our championship sports teams!

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