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IED – Istituto Europeo di Design is a 100% Made in Italy international network operating in the fields of education and research in Italy, Spain and Brazil. IED Design, IED Fashion, IED Visual Arts and IED Communication are the four departments present in each IED location, united by the common denominator of design culture. IED Educational Offer is made of Official Undergraduate courses, IED Diploma courses, Master courses and degrees, Academic Year and Semester courses, Summer/Winter courses, Specialization courses. IED teaching methods require that the departments forge strong bonds with the local industry; interface with their benchmark sectors, interact with each other and evolve accordingly. For these reasons, rather than just keeping in step with their times, the IED training courses are often thriving trend anticipators. IED represents an innovation hub where professionals from a variety of backgrounds gather to provide the input for a cross-fertilisation between areas and disciplines. IED forms a truly unique network of encounters, experiences, people and cultures. The outcome is excellence.

Intresseområden: Design och produktutveckling, Design/konst, Grafisk design, Inredningsarkitektur, Kommunikationsvetenskap, Marknadsföring, Webbdesign