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The representatives that are elected at the Annual Meeting of the Saco-S board act to promote the interests of the members of all local Saco-S unions. They attend various functions and meetings at Södertörn university or sit on the nomination commitee.

Saco-S is an employee organization representing about 500 members from nine different trade unions at Södertörn university. The local organizations main mission is to look after the interests of its members and monitor that the employer acts in complience with the law and current regulations regarding labor.

The Board initiates, monitors and negotiates matters at both individual, group or collective level in matters concerning working conditions, but also conducts matters that can directly or indirectly have consequences for the members' working conditions.


Elected representatives at the Annual Meeting april 26 2021 are:

Malin Ahlén

Carl Cederberg

Patrik Dinnétz

Kristin Halverson

Wilhelm Hansson

Pontus Juth

Jenny Magnusson

Tove Porseryd

Johanna Severinsson

Fredrik Söderquist

Anders Ullholm (ordförande)

Sabine Walter

Published: 2021-05-24

Updated: 2021-05-24

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