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About Saco


Saco uses cookies on its website. They are used for visitor statistics and subscriber logins.

Visitor statistics are an important tool for developing the website; analysing how visitors use the website allows Saco to work continually with identified areas of improvement. Saco uses Google Analytics and Vizzit as analysis tools and all statistics are stored without saving any user identities.

Users who subscribe to our newsletters must register and provide their e-mail address. If you want an automatic login to your account with Saco, your login information is stored in a cookie. No information is stored for subscribers who do not choose an automatic login.

How to say no to cookies

You can erase cookies from your hard drive at any time, but this may mean that your personalised settings disappear. You can also change your browser settings so they do not allow cookies to be saved on your hard drive. However, this reduces the functionality of some websites, may prevent access to login pages and mean that some content and functions are not available.

If your web browser supports “incognito mode”, you can activate this to automatically erase all cookies every time you close your web browser.

Delete cookies

Instructions for deleting cookies from your web browser can be found on Google’s help pages (external link). There are step-by-step guides for the most common web browsers.


Saco uses pixel tags on Saco.se. Information from the pixels is used to measure and optimise advertising in social media. Areas of use include the number of people who clicked a Facebook advert from Saco to visit a page on saco.se, or how many people come from a Facebook advert and register interest in membership of a Saco union.

Saco cannot see which individuals clicked on an advert or other personal data linked to a unique user. Saco also uses retargeting, so that people who show interest in some pages on saco.se may see adverts based on the pages they have visited.

Published: 2018-06-08

Updated: 2018-06-08

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