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Our unions

Saco has 21 independent unions, each of which represents different professional and academic groups. Each union works with issues that are relevant to its members. The unions often have ombudsmen at workplaces around the country. To join a union, please contact them or the local ombudsman directly.
Members of Akademikerförbundet SSR can be found in a wide variety of professions including accountancy, administration, human resources, social work, IT and consultancy.
Akavia organizes business professionals, lawyers, social scientists, IT-academics, HR-professionals and communication specialists.
Engineers of Sweden (Sveriges Ingenjörer) is the country’s largest network for graduate engineers. With around 162 000 members it is a strong association with resources that enable it to make a difference.
(MOA, Swedish abbreviation SBF), is an independent trade union organizing catering, engineer and nautical officers within the Swedish merchant fleet and on foreign-registered ships with Swedish officers serving on board.
Teaching is a special job. It is independent. It is often inspiring. It brings great responsibility. But it is also special in that despite the fact that teachers are surrounded by people, it is quite a lonely job.
SRAT is a professional association and a trade union for university graduates or professionals with a college degree, specialists and managers in the fields of health, communication and management.
The Swedish Association of Architects (Sveriges Arkitekter) is the professional association, union and interest group for Sweden’s architects, interior architects, landscape architects and spatial planners.
Officersförbundet is open to all categories of full-time military personnel. Trainee officers are also welcome to join.
Swedish Association of Occupational Therapists (Sveriges Arbetsterapeuter) is an independent, non-political and non-denominational association for occupational therapists.
The Swedish Association of Physiotherapists  (Fysioterapeuterna) is the union and professional association and for Sweden’s physiotherapists. It is politically independent.
Swedish Association of Professional Scientists today consists of over 32,500 people who can and want to contribute to the solutions of tomorrow. At least three years of university studies within natural sciences is required.
Swedish Medical Association (Läkarförbundet) is a union and professional organization with significant influence, and a union that decision-makers and the media pay attention to.
Swedish Psychological Association (Sveriges Psykologförbund) is the union and professional organization for the country’s psychologists. The association focuses primarily on members’ wages and terms of employment.
The Church’s Graduate Association (Kyrkans Akademikerförbund) is one of many unions. What sets us apart is our knowledge of the Church of Sweden.
The DIK Association (DIK) is the union for graduates who work in the culture and communications fields. There are plenty of reasons to join DIK.
The Reserve Officer's association is a union and interest organization for reserve officers. The association has around 3,500 members and is affiliated to Saco.
The union was founded by two separate associations, Sveriges Skolledarförbund and Lärarförbundet Skolledare. The union began work in 2023 and will have as members a majority of Sweden’s head teachers and directors of education.
The Swedish Association of University Teachers and Researchers, SULF, is the association for university teachers, researchers and doctoral candidates. SULF is focused entirely on higher education.
The Swedish Dental Association (SDA) organizes dentists in Sweden. The SDA deals with issues affecting the role of dentists in the community, like professional ethics, education and science.
Sveriges Farmaceuter, The Swedish Pharmacists Association, is a trade union for university graduates in pharmacy, founded in 1903 with around 7100 members. We aim to ensure that you are secure in your employment and able to develop in your professional life.
Swedish Veterinary Association is an association of veterinarians and veterinary students. The Association is an association for veterinarians, contributing to the development of the veterinary art and veterinary sciences, and defend the Confederates social and economic interests.
Published: 2014-10-30

Updated: 2023-01-02

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